Tony Currie’s Tyres and More had its beginnings in August 2000 as Tony Currie’s Tyre Station.

The Morningside area was far removed to what it is now. The area has undergone dramatic change over the 15 years my family business has been around. I did not intend or foresee that we would become a family entity. The journey began on my return from coaching the London Broncos in England. My wife, Moira, and I had returned with our sons Matthew (7), Ryan (5) and new addition Liam (3months) in 1998.

Now, most people would know me from my rugby league career but I am also a qualified mechanic doing my time specialising in British Leyland, back in the day. I can honestly say that this trade qualification was the second best thing I have done in my life running far behind my marriage of 27 years.

The coaching bug was still in my system but I knew I had to put roots down and give our family a good solid foundation that would see us through the journey. Whilst completing a business diploma in 2000 I had actively been seeking a potential business opportunity. Moira and I had many sleepless nights deciding on which pathway we should take. After many options were thrown up I fortunately came upon the site at 550 Wynnum Road, Morningside. Immediately, we knew that this was the one! It hit us like a brick wall even though we lived on the other side of town and still do until this day. So it began.

As with all new business the road is filled with sheer hard work, determination and a bit of luck. Many long hours enabled Moira and me to gradually build the business and grow from strength to strength. From the Tyre Station we morphed into Tyres and More in 2005. In 2011, sons Matthew and Ryan joined the business. Matthew has become an accomplished Wheel Aligner/Tyre Fitter and is also Assistant Manager. Ryan will be completing his apprenticeship in Motor Mechanics in 2016.

Our staff is complimented by our fabulous Manager, Carlos, who has been with us for 8 years and whose knowledge in the tyre industry is second to none. Ann Marie, Moira’s sister has been a welcome addition and provides quality customer service and further strengthens our family environment.

I am proud to say that Tony Currie’s Tyres and More is a truly owned family business that prides itself on integrity, quality, customer service and value. These beliefs will ensure the longevity of our business and continual benefits to our community.

In fact I can summarise it all in our Mission Statement:

“Your Safety on the Road, through Quality Service and Value”

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